Its o so quiet..

Hello all,how are you today?
Its so quiet here..i reckon the noisy neighbours have had a letter won't last never does but for now we are reveling in the peace.
The girls have spent the entire day outside today..apart from lunch which they ate inside..they played on the bouncy castle..its a mini one we bought a few years ago when money was plentiful..they love it.
They have also spent time playing football,swinging on the swing set and then just running around..its so nice to hear them just play..not once did they fall out.
They also made up their own hanging baskets with their dad..and cleaned out the pond with the nets..found caterpillars and bees and also followed a moth that was very tatty looking and struggling to fly.
They helped me put laundry out and the helped fetch it in.

I spent sometime after tea going through our books..some are for babies so they are going to the CS and some have been moved upstairs so they can have them in their bedroom and we sorted out the vintage ladybird books and the Enid Blyton,Cicely M Barker,Beatrix Potter..i didn't realize we had so many of them
I found a few really old books that belonged to my gran..Arthur Conan Doyle complete works in one huge book and a copy of Uncle Tom's Cabin..its in a big thick bound cover..i will not read them so i am thinking of selling them..or maybe keep them a little longer..not sure what to do.
Apart from that nothing exciting is going on and thats how i like it.


  1. I think I would keep those books of your Gran's. Once your children are older, and you have more time for yourself, you may find that you are drawn to them. :)

    1. Hi Debbie you are right..i have put them on a higher shelf away from little fingers..see todays post

  2. Sara, I don't know about not exciting, it sounds just wonderful to me. Make the most of the peace from the neighbours, and in my mind's eye I can see the girls playing. No arguing, no falling out they are friends as well as sisters.

    Enjoy the rest of your half term

    Much Love to you all

    Marie xx

    1. Marie..thats the best part..they played for ages..even though Fern is out growing playing dollies she still took time to play tea party with Iris..which i think is the most wonderful thing she can do..they had a great time on the bouncy castle..especially when dad went and pretended to fall in it and squashed them..all i could hear was hysterical belly to my ears
      love you much


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