Gorgeous start to our half term..

Hello all,how are you today?
It seems we have picked a good week for our mini school break.
We slept in this morning and they had pancakes for breakfast..and we didn't get dressed til later on stayed in our pj's for a bit.
It was lovely to have a slow start to the day..i still popped the washing on as soon as i got up but there was no rushing about.
I spent the day just doodling along as did the girls..they still did reading though..i am not that relaxed.
We spent quite a bit of time in the garden..

 This is Iris hiding in the door curtain..
 Fern staying in the shade writing her diary
 Iris trying to cloud watch  then realizing there was no clouds
 We had icecream and strawberry sauce
 I made the door curtain into a big sunshade for the girls to sit under..
 I potted on my little spider plant babies..
 Look a little droopy but they will survive..i also did the Wandering Jew cutting that took root in a jar of water..he is looking might fine..well when it grows a bit more
 Our thermometer ..thats 37 inside..not technically correct as it was in the window..but the outside temperature was 30..and judging by how hot we were it is probably correct..
I absolutely covered the girls in Factor 50 sun cream..then i re applied after lunch..they burn so easily.
We had to buy some more Piriteze at the weekend as the hayfever has hit them both..also Iris's eczema is starting to bother her again..it only does in the summer.
We had to retreat inside as we got too hot..but no one is complaining ..its been a lovely day and tomorrow is going to be as well..we have been forecast thunderstorms for Wednesday and we are hoping to get them..we like them.
Hubby and Sam went to the allotments..they put in another 3 rows of beans and 8 tomato plants..they weeded and hoed nearly all the veg beds and then had a cuppa with our new stove and kettle.
W e emptied the second green house yesterday afternoon and now have all the cucumbers,melons and some tomatoes in it.We kept a hanging basket from last year with Begonia Corms in it..we have nutured it and tended it and zip,nada,zilch..until yesterday i moved a little compost aside and bingo 4 little shoots coming through..so i watered it then hung it up..hopefully it will help it out and they will grow like crazy.
I did some indoor work also last week..
I finished off the Iron and i have put it in my little kitchen window.
And i used some of the lovely Owls that Marie sent me to brighten up the girls Denim Jackets..
So,so far so good
I love having a mini break for the girls..the whole atmosphere in the house changes..so much more relaxed.
No having to get up early and get on with it all,we can just take our time and totally enjoy our day..and no one has said "i'm bored" yet.
We are hoping to get up to Belton this week but that does depend upon the weather..if its too hot we won't go..but a cooler day and we will go..
We also want to crack on with the front garden..the hedges are growing nicely and the grass seed has sprouted and looks good..i want to take the gates off and paint them and also the trellis that is up the side of the porch and the little bit at the front of it too.
So fingers crossed we can get it all done and enjoy our time off.
take care all


  1. What a great idea to turn the door curtain into a sunshade!

  2. The first day of your break sounds wonderful, enjoy the rest of the week

  3. Currently lashing it down, saved me trailing down the garden to the veg

    1. Your not that far from me Kate so hoping we get some rain..gardens need it


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