Rainy day make overs..

Hello all..how are you ?
The weather has put paid to our garden plans for now.
We did all our school work then girls had a few games of Tennis on the Wii.
I got my stuff out and got them to help ..with a craft idea i had .
The other day i found this in the greenhouse..
An old wicker waste bin..

Poor thing all unloved and dirty.

I set Fern to work cutting strips of fabric..

Iris was given a paint brush..she painted the inside

 I painted the outside and then when it dried i looped fabric through the edges..the top was a very rough looking and i think the fabric will hold the top together better.
 We ended up with a lovely waste bin that looks new..
 It cost nothing to do,only some time and a bit of patience..its going in the girls rooms.
 Many years ago i bought some extra fabric supplies..i bought a few pieces of fabric that you can sew onto clothes..they have been sitting around in my sewing box forever.We took a plain T shirt and the fabric..now i don't have the patience to sew finnicky things but hubby does..so he sat down and sewed this onto Iris's shirt..she loves it..its not perfect or in the middle but she is one happy girl.

Next time we will make sure its up a bit on the chest..but hey its our first time doing it..we can only get better.
Take care all..


  1. What excellent ideas! I particularly like the girly w.p.b! If I were clever with my mitts and had a quantity of fabrics stashed away (I am neither clever nor have any fabrics!) I could dolly up a w.p.b. that we have in the shower room for spare loo rolls! I think it would look lovely, decorated as you have done with your w.p.b.
    Margaret P

  2. Hi Margaret..the fabric is an old cotton curtain panel that i found when we emptied the attic..i washed it an put it with other fabric..you can do it go on give it a go..

  3. Love the makeovers. You've got one happy little girl there.

    1. Hi Mum..o yes she is very happy,now i have to do another for Fern..thank you i like making things over..new lease of life for the old bin.

  4. I'm seeing so many make do and mend projects going on right now it's awesome! I love seeing things get a make over and given a new lease of life, well done to you and the girls!

  5. I love that t shirt.... great sewing


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