Rain and wind back again..and a treat for us

Hello all,how are you all?
Well i think i tempted fate by washing all the Winter Woolies and sorting out coats and putting them away ready for this Winter..it has been wet and windy and very chilly here .We did our schooling and then i popped to the post office to post Sarahs book..its shut for refurbishment unfortunately so i will have to post when it opens again or get my mum to do at the main one in town..either way the book will be sent.

I took the opportunity to have a quick look in the Co-op and found some bits reduced that will definitely come in handy..
Hubby went to town on Monday and bought us a luxurious treat for the allotment shed..
A little camping stove,kettle and gas for the stove..all half price and B&M..it will be lovely to have a nice cuppa when we have done our jobs up there.

These are the bits i got reduced..Sultanas down to 50p,Chocolate 47p and the Lemon flavouring 20p..not bad and it will all come in very handy

The girls working away on their Math..doesn't their hair look gorgeous..

My bargain piece of furniture looking good now its been oiled a few times..i had to put the lamp on early today and also so i could get a nice photo that showed it off.
I  sliced up some left over stuffing and froze it
I sold a few more items on Ebay this weekend and also bought a few items .
I emptied out Iris's wardrobe as she has had a growth spurt..my daughter Fionna gave me a huge bag of clothes..a majority of them fitted Iris and some are a little big but the way she is growing it won't be long before they fit her. I have basically refilled her wardrobe for free..so thank you Fi for your generosity.

We have decided to not have a half term and keep on working through the week..when the weather cheers up again we will have a mini break.
So what are you all up to this week?


  1. It has been truly awful weather, with more to come. Let's hope that we get sunshine and warmth soon - I even wore a thermal vest yesterday as I just couldn't get warm. Great idea to postpone half term and wait for better weather, you'll get a lot more out of it.

    ps We have one of those little stoves, really useful and work a treat. Those cuppa's will taste wonderful after some outdoor work!

    1. Hi Felicity..i had to put a cardigan on yesterday and the girls too..its still raining here..great for the new grass seed and allotments not us though..
      The camping stove was bought as we were envious of the couple on the allotment next to us..they finished their jobs and then had a cuppa sat in deck chairs..envy is a terrible thing but in this case i will overlook my envy and take it as inspirational.


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