For Leah..

This post is for my little grand-daughter Leah..she is poorly..her little brother had Chicken pox last week and is now all ok and back at school..bless him he was poorly with it and was sick too..thankfully he is all good now.
Hi baby girl we all hope that your ok..not too spotty or feeling poorly.
We hear you have caught Chicken -Pox from your brother Sam(hi samsam).
O poor need to have a rest and spend the rest of the week at home with mummy and some films and eat lots of icecream.
Don't scratch your spots even if they itch..and dab Calamine all over yourself..
We love you and will see you as soon as you feel better.

Lots of love,grandma,grandad,fern and iris


  1. anti histamine is best for chicken pox. poor girl.

  2. A www's hoping she recovers quickly. x

  3. I hope she's soon feeling much better. xx

  4. I hope she's feeling better very soon. I got it at eighteen and I remember feeling so dreadful. X

    1. O no Jules thats daughters nephew has got them now..he is 16 and doing his exams..he had to beg a teacher to sit with him in seclusion so he could do it then go home..bless him i hope he passes after that.


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