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Hello all,how are you today?
Welcome to new follower on Bloglovin..Wellycladgirl..Hello and welcome.

Sorry i haven't  posted for a few days..we have been busy here at Flowertot Mansion.
Whilst the weather is nice or at least not freezing and chucking it down with rain, we disappear outside to do jobs and the girls go off to play.
We made our own sweet snacks..we don't  have chcocolate or sweets in the house..they are what we consider a real treat so its only now and again i actually buy them. The girls mostly have fruit,raisins or nuts .
We had a few bananas left so we made Peanut-butter and chocolate bananas.
I had Iris as a kitchen helper and Fern as photographer.

Cut up bananas and get everything ready

Put a lollipop stick in the bottom

Cover in crunchy peanut butter

Melt some chocolate

 Dip in the melted chocolate..and as Fern aptly described them..turds on sticks..

 Pop in the fridge for 30 minutes until chocolate is set..they may have looked like turds on sticks..but they ate them all..
This is my latest cost me a bag of baby toys in a straight swap..isn't it wonderful..

I am going to polish it up with my homemade furniture polish..and have it in my living room.
I have a little restoration project on the mum gave me my grans old iron..its covered in rust and very heavy..i am slowly but surely getting the rust off with a hard wire brush..once its mostly gone i am going to paint it in Black Hammerite  and have in on display in my kitchen..

 It might take a while but i will get there
 I also washed my Make up brushes..they are good quality ones and i don't want them to ruin..and they started to smell a bit rather than use a dirty smelly one i cleaned them.They smell clean and look all fluffy again.
 Hubby has put his plants outside to harden off..the Pumpkins have gone crazy and so have the Courgettes..the Grapevine has started to get tendrils for grabbing..
 All the Tomatoes are going well..
The new potted on Lobelia and Geraniums are also doing well..

The girls and i sowed Cress in little egg cups .
I have baked and cleaned and got all my laundry dry on the line.
I have sold 4 more items on Ebay and listed a few more too.
I have cleaned the windows inside and all doors and frames..hubby did the windows outside.
I sorted the bookcases out and moved a lot of books about..i do this now and again so that i can actually see what i have and also i like to read one i haven't for a while.
I moved some plants around again..i gave the Wandering Jew back to hubby for cuttings and i moved the Fern into the living room on the mantel piece .
I have bought the girls some Canvas shoes for the summer and also 2 skirts for a swimsuit..all were last minute bargains and 1 skirt only cost 75p..
I also bought us our very own copy of The Velveteen Rabbit..its a lovely story and i am reading a chapter each day as part of our reading list.
I am bidding as i type on a lovely coat for Iris for this Winter..yes i know its not even Summer yet but i like to shop 6 months in advance so i am not scrabbling about at the last minute.

I actually managed to get through to Sky last week and was on the phone for 2 minutes tops..all i wanted to know was when is my contract up..i found that out and before the chap could start his speel about this that and the other..i politely thanked him and hung up..probably not very polite on my behalf but i got my answer and that was it..we are going to get rid of it.I couldn't before as i was in a contract with them and now its coming to an end and i will be so much better off.We will be going elsewhere for our internet as ours is a tad slow at times..i won't be having a house phone..i can't remember the last time ours rang to be honest.As for the tv well we will just have freeview channels  and we invested in a Firestick..its bloody brilliant..and well worth the money. Having the Sky go will save us a tremendous amount each month.

Can i ask you all something,is your Chemist as useless as ours is.
My hubbys prescription is never ready and always has stuff missing..they blame the doctors for not sending it..bull***t..i am getting fed up with them. Yesterday was awful..i was waiting almost 45 minutes and i was on the verge of passing was so hot in there..just because they are not doing anything and swanning around in t-shirts..what about the customer..god i felt so ill my legs were about to give out on me..thank god they did it in the end and i got out of there into the cool fresh air..sad thing is i have to go back in a month and i can guarantee it will be the same.
Well the weather is not going to last is it..we are forecast very heavy rain tomorrow. The garden will be packed up again and stuff put away..until the sun comes out again.
What have you all been up to ladies/gent.


  1. Hi Sara,

    This is a very sore point with us. We now, no longer, phone the surgery for a repeat prescription. We have to phone a call centre, we have to tell them one by one what we need, I can't say "everything" and jess is on so many now but I have to go through them all.

    They send that electronically to B**ts almost immediately, but they won't make the prescription up until I have phoned them to say I have ordered it. So that is 2 phone calls.

    Lorna has her's made up at Asda pharmacy, and they check theirs every morning so her's is always made up when she goes for it

    I am sure there must be some people who would have difficulty pronouncing some of the drugs and you do wonder whether they would bother phoning at all.

    Marie xx

    1. Hi Marie..i always ring it through at least a week before he needs new pills..the doctors send it and send a text to me to let me know they have done it and what date it will be ready to collect..the chemist never ever have it really annoys me..the trouble is they are the only chemist that is within walking distance of us and they know it..i think i would honestly pass out from total shock if they had it ready and on time..Asda sounds as if they are on the ball..
      love you much

  2. Hello Sara,
    Greetings from the US. I love what you've done in the garden. Our protocol here depends upon insurance and the pharmacies have no say in the matter, additionally, costs for medications keep rising and some folks have been publicized in the media for having to choose between medicine and food, a very troubling situation.

    1. Hello E and welcome to my little blog..the garden is slowly but surely taking shape..
      It is very annoying to say the least but i feel for folks who have to choose between medicine and food that is a very sad situation to be in..surely the government could step in and cap the prices to make it affordable for people.

  3. Good trade! The new piece will be perfect in a living room. I like when deals don't involve money.

    I live in the USA and we get all our medicines by mail as my husband is retired military and it works out great for us. Your local chemist sounds very frustrating,

    1. Hi Rhonda..o yes its my kind of deal..wish i could do more of them to be honest.
      Our chemists are very frustrating and its never their fault..they try to blame the doctors..i watched one lady ring the doctor in front of the chemist as they were saying they hadn't got the prescription..the doctors were very annoyed and told the chemist in no uncertain terms it was sent 3 days ago and should be ready..the chemist backed down and gave her it in the end..because they have the monopoly at this end of town they think they can do as they want.

  4. Love the 'turds on sticks'. I'm going to give them a try. My daughter suggested dessicated coconut on the chocolate before putting in the fridge. Sorry to read of your chemist frustrations. My partner is only allowed one month of his medication at a time and it's never ready on time. X

    1. They look darn ugly don't they..the coconut is a good idea..i am going to try sprinkles next time..
      The chemist seems to be a bone of contention for just about everyone..we are only allowed one medication a month and that is also never ready.So frustating.
      Enjoy your bananas..

  5. I have same problem as Jules. Same medication for 15 years now only given one month at a time and NOTHING if the annual review is outstanding. but can I get an appointment??

    1. Yep Trish i know..hubby had a pill review not long ago and it was kept as the same medication but upped the dose a little..he has had the same stuff for over a year now and they still query it..

  6. I think I must be very lucky. I use a small pharmacy which is just across the road from my GP. I ring the GP, the prescription request is sent electronically to the pharmacy, and I collect it 2 days later. I hope I'm not tempting fate as I have some stuff to collect tomorrow!

    1. Hi Scarlet..that is how its supposed to work..its just ours seems to muff it up..

  7. I love 'turds on sticks@, although I've never thought to put sticks in mine and always get messy fingers :-)

    I've got the same iron on my bookcase. I'm afraid I didn't bother rubbing mine down much, Hammerite neutralises rust so I just painted it on after a brief wipe down. It's a bit lumpy and bumpy but it stops my books falling over.

    1. I may do that anyway..instead of waiting for the a little impatient to get it in my kitchen now..
      Yes you always get messy fingers when you put the turds on sticks..sounds disgusting doesn't it..


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