Another busy week..

Hello are you all today?

This week has been busy.
The chaps have been up to the allotments and sorting out all the boxes that were stacked up in our greenhouse for burning and recycling.
We need the space now in the greenhouse for the Cucumber,Melons and Tomatoe plants..we planted 6 of each ,now normally only half come up but this year everything has come up, so instead of just choosing the better ones we have decided to keep all of them.After all they have took the trouble to grow for us so we will keep them.Maybe we will get a bumper crop off all of them..i hope so. I have lots of plans for them.

Our new school topic is The Human Body..we had started  it earlier this year with the Senses and enjoyed it.
So now we have moved on to exactly how the body works.
I have downloaded lots of easy to use guides and tons of diagrams which give detailed information.
Of course some of its gross and Iris loves it because its gross, what 7 year old doesn't dissolve in a fit of giggles if you mention the would Fart or actually do one..everything disgusting she finds hilarious..Fern is a little more grown up and rolls her eyes at her sister but she too has a giggle.

I did a mini makeover on a battered side table..we were going to freecycle it but i changed my mind at the last minute

Ok i didn't do all of it..i got the girls to help..doesn't it look good though..its going in my bedroom in the corner and i am going to find a nice vase to put on it..thanks girls you did great.

After a few emails back and forth i finally received my Amazon Gift Voucher..whoo hoo i now have £50 to spend..trouble is i actually can't think of anything i need at the moment..good job it expires in 2026..yep 10 years..thats a long time but it won't last that long.
I also received a Boden Voucher..this has been used to buy Fern some Sunglasses..extravagant yes but needed ..she also gets a really pretty case to keep them in .

We have finally bit the bullet and sold our Bike Trailer..we were sad to see it go but we don't need it anymore..but the money has come in handy and will be saved for anything else we may need.
 We also have a cargo trailer which we are keeping as hubby uses it to fetch his own compost from the garden centre..that was cleaned up and is now hung up on the shed wall inside ready to use. It also comes in handy for bringing produce home from the allotments especially the big pumpkins.

My mum this week gave me a little booklet on Jam Making which has some nice recipes and handy hints.
I gave my mum 4 huge throw overs..they were in a vacuum pack and taking up some room in my spare room..she said she needed some new ones so i offered her mine which she me more space and its one more thing gone.
The spare room is slowly being emptied and bit by bit its getting bigger and i can finally walk in and move about..without having to literally climb over stuff..feels quite liberating to get rid of it all.
I have listed quite a few bundles on Ebay as well..mainly little girls clothes..never realized we had so many but they are going slowly but surely.

I found a flowerpress that i bought and never used and also a vintage Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Card..blimey now that is an old one..they have been listed also..not having much luck shifting them but you never know.

We have bought more Grass Seed just to patch up where the seed didn't come through.

I had to buy printer ink this week..not bad really as i do a lot of printing for school work..i buy it from Chaseink Supplies on Ebay..its a great price and always next day delivery.The last time i bought one was just before Christmas last i find good value for money..p.s i am not getting paid for this at all. But they are brilliant.

I got nearly all my laundry dry outside plus the clothes for the bundles i have listed.
I have been using my homemade furniture polish on my new cabinet..i have decided to keep it as it is..its too nice to paint over..and it looks so good in my living room..with the lamp and some books on it.
Tomorrow is baking day..and i am looking forward to it as well..i like it..its my way of relaxing.
What you all been up to this week?


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