Allotment time..

Hello all,how are you today?
Its been busy here again but rewarding..this is a picture heavy post..we went to the allotments to primarily water the Pumpkins..but ended up weeding and tidying up..
So here are lots of pics of our afternoon..
Allotment 1..all the potatoes and the pumpkins

Look at the rhubarb patch..

Allotment potatoes in the forefront..

The onion bed..before i got at it

After i had weeded it..looks much better
Beetroots on number 2

Carrots coming through

Spring onions just coming through

The first end sprouts the other end is cabbage..needs weeding in there

The leeks growing slowly

My favourite..courgettes

All the raspberries..old and new ones

Over wintered onions..japanese

Iris and her dad in the shed..

The shed of doom lol

The gooseberries bushes..

Look at the fruit on them..

Girls a.k.a watering slaves..fetching water

Watering the pumpkins on allotment 1

As we were leaving we spotted flowers on the early potatoes..

So that was our was lovely to get up there and get our hands dirty..some great views from the back of the allotments..but my camera made it look blurry..but we are surrounded on all sides by trees and in the distance i spotted a wind turbine..didn't even know one was on the edge of the valley.
We got home to have a tea of sausages and bacon with mash and gravy and green beans..yummy.
I got all my laundry dry even though i was questioning wether it was wise to leave it out as it kept going a bit grey.
I went upstairs to run a bath for the girls and was confronted by a very large and angry wasp..i gave it a quick back hander and he fell to the floor..i covered him with a cup and shouted hubby..i didn't want no wasp coming after me lol..he was thrown out the window to rejoin his mates.
The girls totally enjoyed it and want to go back so thats a bonus..Iris is so into her growing and loves to have a go..Fern is ok once she gets there but is not as keen..yet when we got home she was asking when could she go again.
So that was my day and a good one it was as well.
What have you all been doing today?


  1. That is a huge amount of area to keep up on gardening. How do you do it all?

    1. Hi Debbie..well its hard but we do son is a great help..he does quite a bit of work on it on his days off and hubby goes up daily for about an hour or more at a time..a little bit done everyday and we never leave it for more than 2 days..its hard work but totally worth it..

  2. All that lovely fresh air...does them the world of good! x

    1. O yes..they were starving when they got it was clean plates all around and 2 sleepy young ladies went to bed tired but happy to have helped..

  3. Those are fantastically neat looking allotments. I can see all the hard work that has gone into keeping it that way :-)

    1. Thanks is hard but we love doing it as a family and appreciate the bounty we get from them

  4. Wow! The allotments are fantastic. They must be a lot of work but I bet you reap the rewards. X

    1. Hi Jules..the rewards far out weigh the hard work and keep us in all sorts of goodies through the winter and lots of jams and pickles for my pantry..


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