Someone's been a busy boy..

Hello all, how are you today?

I had a quick trip out to the greenhouses earlier to see what is what and look at all our little seedlings growing.
I love our greenhouse..its nice and warm and has a chair in it..not that i will sit in as its covered in compost and something else that i don't know about so i will skip having a sit down.
My husband has been busy in there for weeks ,doing bits and bobs,so i thought i would have a nosey.

Look what i found.

Pumpkins..Big Max 4 of them doing really well.

Courgettes  all mine yum.

Cucumbers and Watermelons..





Close up of the grapevine..
 Outside we have all these little beauties..

Gooseberries coming back from the brink


2 more Blackberry and 2 Blueberry bushes..
Its all coming together nicely..and all ready for the next step.
The bushes ,pumpkins,courgettes and strawberries will be taken to the allotments and transplanted.
The Lettuce's are for the girls to grow at the allotments..
The cucumbers,tomatoes,grapevine will be put in the other greenhouse to grow .
The Lobelia will be potted on for baskets.
Hasn't he been a busy chap.
How are you greenhouses doing and your plants as well.?


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