Its o so quiet..

Hello all,how are you today?
What a lovely day again..i have laundry out and the sun in my face..its beautiful.
We spent the morning doing our English and Hand Writing give them a break we did some painting and made a small wreath for the front door.

 We stripped down an old one..took off all the little ornaments..pulled it back into shape with string.
Found some strong wool to cover it..emptied out the craft box and sorted some nice flowers and butterflies..i think we did a good job and more importantly it cost nothing as we already had the bits on hand.

 The girls did some painting..this is a Skittle house..its a piece of Wallpaper with a house on it..we just enhanced it..

 As for it being quiet..well i was all alone this afternoon..hubby ,girls and Sam went to the allotments for  a few hours..i was a little lost to be i took my camera outside.
Beautiful little Primrose that i moved yesterday and seems to be doing well..
 Laundry out in the sun..smells wonderful
 Plum Blossom
 Pear Blossom
 Our Birch Trees just opening up  i will soon have a little shaded spot to sit in.

 All our Strawberries ready to go and be planted..

So what do i do when i am alone..well i did take pictures and i also made 2 Lasagnes for the freezer..i put away all the Laundry and then did all the dusting and was an opportunity not to be missed..i got into all the nooks and crannies whilst no one was here..then as  i  just got sat in the garden with a nice cup of tea and listened to the birds singing away everyone came home..the girls are tired but extremely happy that they got to help out.
Now its noisy again..hubby has got the Chainsaw going taking out some stumps that are in the way of our Grand Designs? for the extending the Chicken Pen..we are inside as i really don't want any accidents happening.
Reason i don't is our A&E is closed until further notice due to an electrical fire..and it wouldn't be nice to have an accident anyway.
So now i am off to get tea ready ..
enjoy the sun everyone..


  1. A quiet time to yourself is lovely. Made more so because of the lovely noisy times with everyone about. That's a pretty wreath by the way.

    1. Yes my home is hardly ever quiet or child free so it does make it special..and i love the noise when they all come home..the wreath is on my front door looking splendidly red..


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