How to destroy the garden in 2 easy steps..

Hello all,how are you today?
Yesterday was amazing wasn't it..the weather was we started the front has been neglected since Winter and it has been left on purpose ..we knew what we wanted to do, it was just waiting for the right time..the ground was a bit muddy well really muddy as i grew a few inches with the mud stuck to my wellies..
 We removed and dug out plants and some were put in borders in the back garden..others i'm afraid went into the Green bin.The Yucca you can see was dug out with root ball intact and moved to near our front room window..the Japanese Maple will also be dug out and moved to the center of the garden once we have got it all raked and level and grass seed put in..
 This corner was left..its mostly grass and weeds so it will be mowed and some soil added in places to bring that level too
 Its a cat crap paradise..thank god for gloves..
 The fence you can see is coming out..we have new hedging to put in and a wire fence will be put up to stop any rubbish blowing in the garden..but saying that i picked up a carrier bag full of wrappers and rubbish..
 The Maple looks a little forlorn all alone..but its got to get worse before it gets better..the front porch is also going to get a good sorting as well..the trellis is falling apart and needs fixing and a few coats of paint as well.
 So how to destroy your garden..
1 give me a spade
2 let me loose..
take care all


  1. Sara, I have done things myself that I regret in my garden. But I see lots of potential for your patch. If you want relatively quick greenery and flowers I recommend Grandpa Ott morning glory vines. I don't know if they sell the seeds for it in England, but they are commonly available in the US. I grow them all over our property. They grow in just about any kind of soil. I have clay soil and morning glory still thrives. You can vine up to different levels and surfaces using twine. I'd love to hear about what you do with the garden as you go along!


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