Garden update..Home Happenings..

Hello all,how are you today?
Well the weather has been lovely today..sunny but chilly still in the shade.Yesterday it was overcast and gloomy but this did not deter us..we have now got the bug to get it done.
We finished levelling the ground..well as level as it can be on a sloping hill..we dug out the rest of the roots..i removed the big stones and picked up more litter.
We then got the bushes we bought earlier in the year..50 Hornbeams..they are great and well worth the money..not one of them has died..we popped them in and had 5 spare so we will keep those incase any do die..they are all healthy and going for the sky.
 The Yucca we moved seems to be doing ok..i keep watering him.
 Its flat and almost ready for the Grass seeds..
 View from the window..please note the van is not ours..
 The Hornbeams looking healthy
I started to also get rid of my flower border in the back attracts to many cats and i am tired of cleaning it up..i took out the plants i wanted and put them in the flower border that is right next to the house..this never gets used as a toilet.i think its because Jack patrols that area and sees them off.
I have dug it over and flattened it the best i could..hubby finished it off..we took some of the soil and used it to fill up a dip in the grass..this will get grass seed spread all over it and then i will have a nice flat lawn.
As the sun was out today i had laundry on the line..i got most of it dry..had to tumble a few things to finish them off but only for about 10 minutes so that will help bring my bills down.

I baked at the weekend ..not much this time.
I made Brownies and covered them with Fudge..o wow..i need to work in the garden to burn off the calories.
I also made Cinnamon Breakfast Doughnuts..these are simple and delicious..not that many left now.
I have also started to kit a scarf for myself for this Winter..i know its a long way off but i don't knit that fast and only when i have time..
I want to make Wreath for my front door out of old bits and bobs of craft stuff i have in boxes..we will do that as an Art Project this week.
Fern is still full of cold and not sleeping to well..things like this don't usually bother Iris but even she is tired now..they both have rings under their its early nights for them two.
We sorted out their bedroom at the weekend..far too many toys a bit of a clearout and hey presto their room looks spacious again..i do need to get them some bookends as they now have quite a collection of their own..we have decided to sell the big Barbie Airplane as they don't play with it any more and it takes up so much space. The wardrobes were sorted again and now they can  see exactly what they have ..they do put away their own laundry but get a bit muddled at times so i check every now and then.
I moved some houseplants around and put some in the dining room and some different ones in the living room..i have to get some nice pots for 2 plants..i don't mind the plastic bases but i would like them to look nice as they are in the window.
My friend over the road sent me a bag of tops for Iris..her daughter went to school with Fern..they are very good friends and email each other all the time..they are so about random subjects they talk about.
We are back to school and doing well..the girls are working through some new work..Fern is doing Compound words and Connective words..Iris is doing her Sentence building and also Sentence Sequencing..they are doing new Math work too..Fern is doing Decimal Points and starting Fractions..Iris is doing Units,Tens and Hundreds..they are both doing well and both understand what they are doing,which to be honest is half the battle.
Right thats me for now..i will be back ..


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