Trip down memory lane..

Hello all,how are you today?
I have been going through bags and boxes from our attic,binning a lot of it,selling some of it and donating the mountain is slowly becoming a hill.
I did find 2 lovely things today..this first one was actually mine when i was it is 46 years old..and in great condition too..
 My old pink granny knitted that..
I found this amazing Coffee cup and saucer set..aren't they gorgeous..the cups are only 2 inches has Arcopal France written on the bottom..isn't it gorgeous..i have never used it at all..i am going to sell this one..

I have also decided to sell some of my hand lovely oilcloth bag..its a small one and so gorgeous but i have only used it its got to go

 This is my beloved Cath Kidston bag..i used this for years as a baby only has slight mark on the bottom but i don't use it..infact i can't remember the last time i did use that has to go too.I was so over the moon when i received this from my daughter..i love it but its too big to use as a hand bag .

We have been busy for the last few days..hubby and sam have been at the allotments getting it all set and sorted..everything is in and they have got definite plans for the rest of thats hopefully our Potatoes and Onions and Shallots all done for the year..we have only just had to buy a bag of Potatoes..not bad really seeing as we haven't bought any since last May..
The girls and i have been busy making little Easter crafts which i will show once we are all done..but it involves glue and paper mache which Iris loves doing but Fern is not keen as it gets down her nails..she was tutting away..haha made me laugh.
We are going to sort out the little borders in the back garden hopefully if the weather holds out for us.

I switched my Tariff yesterday to a cheaper one from the same supplier..its fixed until 2018 so no payments going up or down..i prefer to keep it fixed so i can budget for it every month..i also got a reward of an Amazon Gift Card..will keep you posted on that one .
Right i am off to have a bath then watch a film for the evening..
take care all


  1. Hi Sara, I moved to that Tariff as well, so looking forward to receiving my Amazon gift card.

    I think you should get a good price on your coffee set on Ebay, there seem to be quite a few collectors of Arcopal, good luck with it.

    The girls sound busy, and how lovely that the men folk are organising the allotment, I look forward to the summer and all the produce.

    Hugs and love to you all

    Marie xx

    1. Hi Marie..i am looking forward to that Gift Card..i have some plans for it..i hope my set sells some one will get a lovely bargain
      I love it when they plan and get chatting about what they are going to do..i too am looking forward to all the goodies they bring home.
      love you

  2. Hi Sara I well remember the Arcopal sets - you don't see them any more so you should sell okay! My local library say they may be able to source a copy of the Harvest Pantry for me although it is over 20 years old!

    1. Hi Pauline thats brilliant news ..i am looking for one to buy but i won't pay too much for it.
      I hope my set sells..not a lot of watchers rally o well it will sell when the right person comes along


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