Tah Dah..

Hello all, i hope that your all ok.
Well as i said in previous post that we had been working on our Easter Crafts..the girls have worked hard and took time to do this..
 We made our very own Easter Tree..i cut the branch form the garden earlier this week..we then paper mached it to make it stronger and then painted it white..i had seen them for sale at over £10..this one cost nothing and i think its gorgeous..
 I bought some Polystyrene Bunnies and we covered them in tissue paper..do you like the one Iris made its her rainbow rabbit..
 My amazing friend Lyn sent these for the girls with a card explaining about German Easter Tradition of having a tree and decorating it..that woman is psychic i am sure she is..i never once mentioned this and bingo look what she sends..Many thanks lyn these are beautiful.
So up on the tree they went and they finish if off beautifully
 I did a little splurge and bought some wooden eggs..we decided to decoupage then with Peter Rabbit pictures..i printed them off and away we went.

I am so proud of the girls..even putting up with getting glue and paper down her fingernails Fern didn't moan well not much..
So this is our Easter tree..what do you think?


  1. What a great Easter tree, well done girls

  2. Fantastic Easter decoration. You've all worked hard. I've got the twigs but not decorated yet.

    1. Hi Mum..thank you i hope you get yours decorated


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