Jacks post..

Hi my name is Jack or Jeffrey..i answer to both.
My big sisters ,mummy and daddy call me Jack..my big brother calls me Jeffrey..i have a lovely white patch on my chest and he reckons i look like a butler..
I have to tell you i am not happy at the moment..i know that i can smell a little now and again but do they have to bath me ..i know its warm and i get a good clean and  the shampoo smells lovely..then i am towel dried..when Mum does it its nice and gentle but when dad does it its like being in a tumble drier..i get dizzy..
Its during this time someone takes my blanket and puts in a clean one..now this is my complaint..it takes me ages to get it just right..nice and comfy and in the right place..
So now i have to spend ages getting it just right again..well i am not happy about it..yes it smells nice and is clean and comfy but why o why do they take my old one and put it in that big thing that whirls it around and it comes out smelling like flowers..
Right now i am not happy..i am fed up with them doing it week in week out..
And one more thing..do you like my bed..i love it..dad got it for me out the shed..think i upset my mum though..she bought me a lovely brand new bed..i didn't like ..it smelt funny and was hard even though my blanket was in it..i dragged my blanket out and slept on the floor.
 Look what they did to me..
 Look at this lovely clean blanket..i am so sad..feel sorry for me.
Have to go now folks..
see you soon


  1. Oh dear, what a face!

    We tried the buns with a new bed today, they are leaning against it, but don't seem to want to go any further.

    1. Hi..o he was sad for a few hours then perked up a bit..have the bunnies gone in the bed yet?

  2. Loved your blog about Jack (or Jeffrey). My daughter's dog sits outside on the lawn when he comes back from a walk. He will not go in because he knows he is going in the bath to get his feet washed.

    1. Hi Pauline..thats the beauty of having Jack..he gets no choice and just picked up..


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