Free stuff and wallpaper..

Hello all , how are you all doing?
Hasn't the weather been lovely the last few days..suns out washing out is my motto..
The girls have been outside playing and running around..had our first casualty of the year..Fern fell cuts just red knees and palms of the hands were red too..they were playing football and she tripped over..Iris was the nurse and Jack was there for moral bandages required thankfully.

I  have been baking and catching up with laundry that i reckon breeds and has babies in my laundry basket..either that or next door is sneaking in and planting more for me to do..
I have also been listing some more bits on Ebay and sold 3 yesterday and 6 more in the week..every bit that goes out the house means i have less stuff and more space..

 Cinnamon loaves
 Buttermilk pancakes
 Cinnamon rolls
 Buttermilk scones
 Coconut tarts
 And of course no baking is complete without the tarts..

My mum had a clearout this week and offered me this cool box..i accepted swiftly..this will be amazing for the more running in the house to get cool drinks..i can keep them outside with me..

 Ok ok i know i said no more decorating this year but i could not resist this was half price..i got 2 rolls for the price of one..its totally gorgeous and is going on my living room fireplace..
 So the girls have been outside playing and having a good time..i love to hear them laughing and i often sneak out just to listen to them chatting away..
 Our fish were having a sun bathing session this morning..we spotted some frog spawn last week..2 huge clumps of it..

 Hopefully we will have a lot of little tadpoles this year....can you see the fish just lazing about
 Of course the girls couldn't resist stroking them..the one Iris is touching is called Big Noddy..don't ask how he got that name as i have no clue..
So that has been my week..hubby and Sam have been up to the allotments and have have used the Rotovator to get it all sorted..we now have Potatoes and Onions in..they have generally tidied it all up..we have space on the new allotment for more Fruit Bushes..we have 13 Rhubarb Crowns,3 Gooseberry Bushes,Raspberry Bushes and 56 Strawberry Plants..and we still have room left so we are going to buy a Blueberry Bush and Thornless Blackberry..this will keep up in Fresh Fruit and Jam through the Season we hope.
What have you all been up to..


  1. Wow ... all that lovely home baking. It's lovely to see a bit of sunshine isn't it, and yes, my washing line is always full if the sun makes an appearance.

    1. Thanks Sue..i love to bake and i also love to see my washing on the refreshing after having to use a tumble drier.


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