Being busy and a bit of an experience..

Hello all,how are you today?
Now wasn't the weather just lovely today..i got laundry out and just about dry..i swept the paths and porches and hubby spent time in the greenhouse seed setting.
Hubby went shopping at Lidl's..he found the seeds..the small packets are 29p each and the big ones are 49p
 He got some Pumpkin seeds and Watermelons..also Cucumber and he set the Tomatoes..4 Cherry variety,2 Beef and 2 Plum..these will be brilliant for making soups and chutneys.

 I went to my local library to pick up this book..i also dropped off a big bag of spare baby clothes for the Mums and Tots groups..its incase anyone gets messy or has an accident..
This book is bloody gorgeous,not just the recipes and ides but the photos' too

 I baked at the weekend and did different things for a change
 Treacle tart
 My Cinnamon rolls have all gone..i only got 1..
 The cookies are Honeycomb Crunchy ones..
 We have made a start on Easter.. i taught the girls the True meaning of Easter today..and no its not about choclate..this conversation led to a discussion about different religions,customs and was a nice talk and i think the girls well Fern now understand a little more about the world.

 This is Ferns card for her friend..
 It opens up to a bunch of eggs inside
 This is the card Iris made
She worked hard on this..she is going to give it to her brother..
Its been a busy time here..i have listed few more items on Ebay..sold a few more too..i have bought the girls some lovely bundles for the Summer.
I had the unenviable task of going to the Post Office the other day..the ladies in there are nice apart from one..and i really think its just me she can't stand. I know i am not everyone's cup of tea but i am always polite..but this woman actually rolled her eyes then proceeded to huff and puff and scowl at me..i was quite upset to be honest as i don't know this lady but she has an obvious and i mean totally obvious dislike of me..she chucked my change across the counter  and then stared at me..i said Thank you to which i got no reply..i hung around near the notice board and watched her next customer..she was like a little ray of fluffing sunshine to that person.I can't understand it..i don't know her at all yet she has such obvious distaste for not sure how to deal with it..i have to go to the Post Office for small parcels..but i am now thinking its not worth it.I know you can't make everyone like you but i have never experienced this before..
What would you do?


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