Underwhelmed then a nice surprise...

Hello all,how are you today?
Well after months of hearing about  The Range  being opened and people raving about it..we decided to go and see what all the fuss was about..i was totally underwhelmed..i think its a mix of Wilko's,B&M and Home Bargains..the only plus points i could see were the vast Craft Sections,Paintings and Wallpaper but even some of those were over priced and i can get them cheaper elsewhere..it did have some very nice stuff but i was disappointed especially after all the hype. The staff seemed friendly but were not that busy..i am not sure if i would go back..maybe to stock up on Card and Paints for the girls but nothing else.
Well we enjoyed the walk anyway..it was sunny but chilly..we got home to discover the Postman had been and left me a parcel..i love getting parcels in  the post..he brought me this..

 A huge decal..i am aware some of it is not straight but believe me ladies it took all my patience to do it..each saying is individual and very sticky..i am not that tall and had to stand on a chair to do it..some colourful words were muttered under my breath..
I used the role it was wrapped in to make a wreath..its a mini one and we are going to make an Easter wreath..
 Then a phone call from my Daughter Heather asking me if i still wanted the unit she offered me last year..of course i did. So 20 minutes later my Son-in-law Sam turned up with it..its lovely and i have plans for it..we will be furniture moving tomorrow and having a shufty with bits and bobs.
So ladies have you ever heard the hype and then been totally underwhelmed with something.


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