Pantry upgrade..well lining paper really..

Hello all how you today?
Welcome to Rosie who is following me on Bloglovin..hello.
When we redid our little Pantry i ordered some pretty paper to cover the arrived on Wednesday..and thankfully i ordered 4 rolls which we managed to use to cover all the shelves..i had a tiny strip left..i breathed a sigh of relief when we covered the last shelf. I honestly thought i would have to buy more..but nope we did it.
I think it just finishes it nicely.

It is so much brighter in there and even hubby reckons it looks good.
I can see exactly what i have got..i put all my flavourings and colourings in a tub,also the packets of Dream Topping,Superwhip,Custard and Cooking Choclate in another one...A little basket also has my herbs and spices in..
So there is my finished Pantry..


  1. Very cheerful paper, love the look ��

  2. Sara, it looks great, well done you and it is so bright. I love the paper.

    Much love
    Marie xx

  3. It does look good - I agree with 'hubby'. Those white and strawberries are well executed - love it.

  4. Practical and pretty; perfect!
    You have inspired me to get cracking on the spring cleaning - starting with the pantry.

  5. That really does look good.I have pantry envy

  6. That's very pretty. When we eventually have a new kitchen I'm planning to have new shelving in my pantry, at the minute I have to put certain things in certain places as we're a bit wonky and bouncy.


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