Pantry upgrade..well lining paper really..

Hello all how you today?
Welcome to Rosie who is following me on Bloglovin..hello.
When we redid our little Pantry i ordered some pretty paper to cover the arrived on Wednesday..and thankfully i ordered 4 rolls which we managed to use to cover all the shelves..i had a tiny strip left..i breathed a sigh of relief when we covered the last shelf. I honestly thought i would have to buy more..but nope we did it.
I think it just finishes it nicely.

It is so much brighter in there and even hubby reckons it looks good.
I can see exactly what i have got..i put all my flavourings and colourings in a tub,also the packets of Dream Topping,Superwhip,Custard and Cooking Choclate in another one...A little basket also has my herbs and spices in..
So there is my finished Pantry..


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