O wow..i thought these had been lost forever..

Hello all, how are you today?
I have been going through all the boxes we got down from the attic ,slowly but surely the pile is going down.
I spied this little box at the back..taking my life in my hands i clambered over stuff and very gingerly pulled it out of a pile that is perched precariously..if an avalanche happens i may not make it out..thankfully i did this time.
Look what i found..i had tears in my eyes..this was my grans most beloved China Set..it went missing ages ago..i honestly thought it had been thrown out..i couldn't believe it and was so grateful it had been put away.
 I don't think this is part of it..but still its got beautiful Poppies all over it..so its my cup now.
Her favourite teacup and teapot.

 Fine Bone China with 24 carat gold decorations. Gorgeous.
It has now been washed and packed carefully in a box in my Pantry..it will be used at Parties and maybe if i feel a bit sad i will get it out to cheer myself up..it will bring back great memories for me.
Have you ever found something you thought that had been lost.


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