Look at my Roses..

Hello all..how are you today?
My lovely son bought me a beautiful gift the other day..why? its not my birthday and too early for Mothers Day..so why did he..because he heard me say how i love Roses..i have a beautiful Rose bush in the garden but only one..we can't have more as we worry about the thorns..and the girls charge about with out caring and so they should..
This little pot is gorgeous..

It certainly brightens up the dull days..


  1. Hi Sara,

    Your Sam is going to make a wonderful husband to someone one day. A beautiful rose for a lovely lady and Mum.

    A few weeks ago I was fully discharged from the hospital, having been clear for 5 years. I texted Heather, my granddaughter, to tell her because she was at work and she came home that evening with a very similar plant and it was red.

    Our young people are so tender and caring.

    Hugs to the girls, the day is nice here, hope it is where you are

    Marie xx

    1. Hi Marie..o i am so pleased for you..i bet you are relieved.
      I am glad you got the all clear my friend..the world would be a sad place without you in it.
      I love Sam so much..he will make a fine Husband one day..at the moment he is married to his computer..well one day i hope he meets a girl..poor girl will get the full on 3rd degree from all the sisters thats for sure.
      I think our young folks are tender and caring because we raised them to think of others and be generous and kind to all.
      Hugs back to you ,Jess and flora.
      love you much


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