Baking eggs and free fun

Hello all,how are you all today?
Well its the Half Term holidays for lots of folks. We are still working through the mornings and then reading in the afternoons..but i am not an ogre so i have let them off a little yesterday and today.
Yesterday we watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows..i made popcorn with my re-discovered Popcorn was tasty and disappeared quite quickly. I never realized how expensive Popcorn was to buy until i started to make my own..Yes the machine cost me £5 from Argos years ago in a sale but the Popcorn is about £1 a bag and you only use 2 dessert spoonfuls of un popped corn to get a bowl full.

 We totally enjoyed it and i will be making more but i need to find a flavouring for it..
Our Chickens are being amazing at the minute and laying everday..we have had them scrambled,soft boiled and i decided to make egg mayonnaise..i have never oven cooked eggs before but i will definitely do it again onlt takes 30 minutes at Gas Mark 3..then plunge into ice cold water..Volia done.

 I love doing egg mayo but i can never get the egg shells off easily..i saw this tip and thought i would give it a go..pop your egg in an inch of water in a jar with a lid..swirly shake and the shell should come off..nope mine didn't maybe i shook to hard and i had egg floating all over..o well at least i tried will take time to perfect it.
 I find it hard to have sympathy with parents who say their children are a pain in the bum..and then moan about how much it costs to keep them entertained..erm hello? What? It does not cost a fortune to entertain your child

So Frugal Fun..
We painted this afternoon..using cotton buds and some silhouettes was good and we had time to chat which i think is the most important thing you can do with them.We had some music on and we ended just being silly and shaking our bootys..
 A silhouette of a cotton reel with some wool glued on and around ..not bad eh
 This one is called Skittle Rain..
 I collect games for the girls all year..Charity shops are a great source for Board Games some can be really cheap..the Think Word Game we received as a gift at Christmas..the Timber Game i bought from a Charity shop for 50p..
 We have taught the girls to play Draughts..their dad is now teaching them Chess..this board was £1 with the pieces..
 Bingo..this cost me £1 with all the bits inside it..we love this..

 Word searches are great for brain training and spellings..
 When i can i print off my own colouring sheets this way i get exactly what they want..

When the weather is chilly but bright we get dressed up nice and warm and just go for a walk..we like it and its free. We got to the park,library and museum in town all are free and its amazing what you hear from your children if you listen to them.
Work together to get a project done..ours is to help hubby sort the greenhouses and start chitting the potatoes..they are also going to help me sort through my seed stash.
Tidy up the garden..outside in the fresh air..nothing better.
When the weather is better go for a picnic..
You can get Dvd's really cheap at £ if the weather is bad all snuggle up together and have film afternoon..
Honestly it doesn't have to cost a fortune..
So does anybody else have any fun free ideas..all are welcome.
take care all of you..


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