OOh that felt good..

Hello all.. how are you all today?
Well today i got my hands well and truly all dirty..getting things down my nails and feeling sticky..i love baking..i love the feel of the flour in my hands all soft and cool then adding the butter to it and mixing it into breadcrumbs then how it changes to a dough when i add the water all sticky and gooey ,shaping it into a ball and rolling it out so that it  finally turns into something scrumptious to eat.
I like breaking eggs into a mixture and watching it transform into a thick batter..adding choc chips and cocoa to make it all yummy and choclatey..or flavourings and colourings to take some plain ingredients and make them into wonderful sweet things or savouries is one of my little pleasures.The smell of it as it bakes,filling my home with delicious aromas is also another little pleasure..i can think of nothing nicer than walking into a kitchen and smelling something good in the oven..ok i will shut up now..i think you get that i baked today..the first time since Christmas week..do you like to bake ladies..i get the same amount of pleasure from getting my hands all dirty gardening too.Do you get that feeling ?
 Brownies topped with chocolate buttercream..delicious..
 Choclate abd choc chip fairy cakes
 Treacle and cornflake tart which has now gone as we had it for pudding tonight
 Cinnamon bread
 Tarts..and also Peanut butter bars..which are in the fridge ..didn't get to take a pic sorry..
 We always look for a bargain or try to stretch our meat as far as we can..hubby bought this piece of Pork for £8..its huge so we cut it in half..i cooked one and froze the other for another time..when it has cooled it will be sliced thinly and we will have Sunday Lunch and Sunday Tea out of it..so i get 2 meals for £4..
 I had a lovely surprise as well.. my gorgeous son bought me this amazing Fern..isn't it just beautiful..we love houseplants and have a few but i do plan to add a few more as and when i can afford it..i think having plants in your home just makes it more welcoming and also the added bonus is they look good and clean the air.

 The lady who owns the Flower shop asked my son if he wanted these..for free..now just how nice is that..Sam is very into his plants and gardening so he was more than happy to give them a new home..one is Aloe Vera and the other a succulent which we don't know..any ideas ladies?
 We also ordered our Seed Potatoes from Wilko's today..last year they sold them mainly in 2.5kg bags..so imagine our surprise when they did these in 15kg bags..it worked out cheaper to buy them in bulk..and as we now have 2 allotments we can plant more and have a bigger crop..this and the Pork has been our only extra outlay this week.
Next week maybe a different story..i have to take both girls for Eye Tests and so we will have a look around the shops before hand,they have some money from Christmas and a Voucher to buy something if they want it... and i also need to go to a few shops to pick up some essentials ..i have left these for as long i could but i do need them now.
Card for school work
Paper for school work
A new Pizza pan
Foil containers
Freezer bags
Oxy white
Biotex if i can find any.
Starch..i just love to starch my pillow cases making them feel all crisp and clean.
So thats my part of next week planned out..how about yours..do you have plans?
I also have some more treasures to show from the loft..


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