Snot and zombies all rolled into one..

Hello all..i hope that your ok?

Well this morning i bounded down stairs to find 2 little girls with sore throats and feeling a bit warm..and husband that looks like a zombie,sounds like Batman and has tons of snot..not a pretty sight at all.
Poor things have caught a the girls are dosed up on Neurofen and hubby has had Paracetomol..all 3 have strict instructions to rest and not do much or else!!!..its been fairly quiet .We have watched Disney movies and then i did a Buffet Lunch for everyone..they could just pick at what they wanted.

I have been catching up with all the i just have to iron it all..which i shall do later on..
I have also been sorting my books out for next year..
This was my to do list for this year..we got most of it done..the ones we didn't will be transferred to next years list

Fern graciously gave me one of her new pens.

I used some wallpaper samples to cover the inside of my old books ..

Reused my plan book for a new school lesson planning book

All set and ready to go

Garden and house book.
 I emptied all the selection boxes into a tub and got rid of the boxes..this is a huge amount of choclate for will last ages.
 I sat down and had a good look in this ..
 I am definitely going to save up for some of these pans to make colourful layer cakes for birthdays and special treats.
I spotted this little chap about the weather being mixed ..its affecting the plants as well..i have Daffodils coming up ..

Well i hope your all ok and please be careful as we have more wind and rain coming our way.
take care


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