My how you have grown..

Hi are you today..apparently the weather is going to be a bit rough and wet with the chance of where ever you are take care.
Well today we had some little visitors ..o and they have grown so much..totally adorable when they smile..but not so adorable when they get grumpy..both babies had a nap on our bed..surrounded by cushions and pillows so they can't fall or get anywhere. Poor little Esme she went first and i kept checking and so did her mum..not a peep was heard..but then i went into the utility bit and i heard a little sob..the kind that says "i am alone and no one can hear me"..i went to fetch her and when i walked in the room her little face lit up..still a bit sobby but happy to see someone.
Olivia went next and she had about half an hour but then her mum heard her..and she gave me a huge beaming smile when she came down,they both downed their bottles no messing and had bums changed and laid on the cushion just chatting away and shouting it was so cute.Iris was such a love with them both..she was playing with them and talking to them.Both babies were laughing at her and reaching to grab her hair..i had my hair pulled a few times but was instantly rewarded with smiles and cooing at me..
Esme on the left,Olivia on the right

Esme with her phone..she noticed the camera and wanted that instead.

Olivia with her little mirror toy

She has just noticed Esme has the noisy toy

Look at that face..

She so wanted that toy..
When they arrived they looked like little Eskimo's..all wrapped up in the new Winter can see them on the back of the sofa..they are just gorgeous..little deer's and toadstools on them .
Its strange how quiet the house was when they went home.But we had a lot of cuddles and kisses.Wonderful to see them and its their 1st Christmas this year..i know it won't mean anything to them at all but i love to see babies watching the tree decorations and lights..the little eyes are so full of wonder i love it.
Right ladies i am off to have a quick cuppa and do some knitting..
take care


  1. They are adorable!
    I shall have to post a snap of G in his snow suit, he looks like a giant marshmallow with a little face peeking out lol.

    1. HI sarah..o i bet he looks adorable in it..i love to see babies and little ones all wrapped up nice and cosy..

  2. They look so precious and happy babies. I'm sure that the lights and sounds of Christmas will be very entertaining to them. Have a great day.


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