Keeping cosy..

Hi all i hope that your ok in this cold weather.
Earlier on this year we purchased a sewing was brand new..we have only had second hand ones that have served us well but we could no longer fix the one we had..couldn't get the parts for it anymore..even Ebay didn't have them..we saved up and got a lovely's electric not crank handle like our old one. We have to admit it is so easy to use compared to the other one.
We have used it quite a few times..this week alone it has mended 2 pairs of the girls jeans,sewn up the crutch in pj's and then taken up and taken in a pair of jeans for my husband.
The poor thing had a trial by fire when it arrived.
Many years ago my mum bought me a very heavy quilted throw..i used it for a cover on my sofa for ages..then it got washed and put away in the airing cupboard. Having seen lots of blogs about re-using what you have and upcycling things,we decided  to cut it up and make it in to 2 smaller bed its very heavy and thick..but we did it..our sewing machine didn't falter once, it went through it like it was butter..o we were so pleased.A great investment that will last us a long time.
Here are the quilts on the girls don't they look nice and cozy..

The girls couldn't wait to get into them tonight.
 I put up my new picture in the bedroom
 I also put up 2 more photo's in the hallway..this one is Andrea on the right and Fionna on the left..its one of my favourites..they are just so gorgeous and still are.
This one is a school photograph, its the only one i have of the three of them as Andrea had gone up to big school that year..Sam on the left,Heather in the middle and Fionna on the lovely.
right i am off to have a cuppa..
take care all


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