I have Blinds and we have finally finished ..

Hello all. Blimey its windy here..its hitting all sides of the house so not sure which way its blowing..the poor dog doesn't want to go out..he will have to sooner or later..he is not a wet weather dog/
Anyway , our new blinds arrived today..they had to have a trim to fit our wonky windows but i think my husband did a good job.
Little window

Big window

Half up

 We put up our metal signs..they are our favourites..we bought them years ago from an Antique shop in town..they were £10 each but i think they were woth it.

Bisto kids

Whiteleys Sugar..

Finally my sign..i don't actually mean but the family mostly all eat what i cook..the fussy ones amongst us get an alternative.
So ladies my kitchen is finished and has cost us less than £60..it took a lot of effort and time but is so worth it.
Finally a picture of my Lamb joint i cooked today..
I roasted it this afternoon and will let it cool then strip it down and have it for tea tomorrow with mash,veg,yorkies and mint sauce..we will have any left overs on Thursday.

Welcome to new follower Thrift Deluxe..and Peace at Home who added me to her circle..thank you both and i hope you enjoy.
take care in the wind and i hope that it doesn't cause any disruption to you.


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