Home Happenings..

Hi all..wow what a chilly day its been today..thankfully we were all cosy inside.
We had a lovely visit from my daughter Fionna and the little's..Leah has lost another tooth at the front..bless her she has a lisp now..little Sam is full of life and was playing so nicely..they both enjoyed drawing on the big blackboard.Sam is going to be a Wiseman in his Christmas play..he is looking forward to it.

I have been busy sorting stuff out this week..i have listed lots of Girls boots on Ebay..and coats too..had a lot of watchers..just wish they would buy not watch ..o well they will when they are ready.
Simon has serviced both electric fires..cleaned them out and hoovered out all dust..replaced little bulbs and made sure they work..we haven't actually used them for over a year..but i am glad to know they are ready. He also watched a Youtube Tutorial on how to balance the pressure in radiators to get the most from them..it worked brilliantly and the radiators are all working properly. Thank you sweetheart for keeping all warm and cosy.

Sam has been working at his job and has done quite a few extra hours..he has been offered a permanent position in the New Year..he has accepted it and is very happy.

The girls have been working away on there school work..i haven't got a topic for them at the moment..we are going to be doing lots of Christmas crafts and baking so i think that will be enough for now.
My printer has been working overtime..i have printed some of my own cards and little bits for decorations.
I have been looking for new recipes for treats for Christmas.
I found a recipe for Cinnamon Bread..its absolutely amazing and so easy to do..

Its so light  and has just the right amount of Cinnamon..you get 2 loaves out of it..it went down a real treat as you can see..the other one i froze.
I had a look in my recipe books as well.. i found one similar to the Sticky blobs but this one has custard powder in it..they are fab..and the custard powder makes them yellow and you can't really taste it so thats a bonus..custard is not my favourite thing.
I also tried e recipe that has no eggs..seeing as my chickens are slowing down egg production..these are called Meltaways..and they do..o so dreamy..you can put a cream cheese frosting on them if you want but i chose not to ..this is my test batch..and not many left means they will be made again.
They look very pale but they are cooked.
I also made cookies,tarts and Peanut Butter bars..i popped some of the Peanut Butter mix into little tiny cases and covered them in Dark Chocolate..no pics of the finished item but i got the first part..sorry i got distracted with other stuff..
I am going to make some of these for treats .
Now don't get upset as no actual painting was harmed in the making of this new picture.
 It didn't go with anything in my bedroom..so i covered it in backing paper..i didn't stick it down ..it can be removed as and when i change it if i want to.

 Then i added some lovely cutouts ..they look a bit patchy but thats where the Modge Podge is drying out.
I like it and it looks good in my bedroom..and it didn't cost a penny just some time and definite patience cutting them Stags out.
So that is what i have been up to this week..how about you all..what have you been doing?
take care and stay warm.


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