A Soup and Craft kind of day..

Hi all..Wow its been chilly today..and thankfully we didn't have to go out in it..well to let the chickens out and then put them to bed but thats it.
When its cold i like to keep everyone warm..the heating has been on but not for long..we all had big jumpers and slippers on and for lunch we had Carrot Soup..warmed up our insides and tasted beautiful to boot.
I had no complaints and clean bowls..i love my homemade soups and am so glad everyone else does too.
Doesn't it look all orangey and yummy..we had it with a ham sandwich.I love the colour of it .
Well after lunch we decided to do some Christmas Crafts..my dining room looked like a whirlwind had gone through it after ..but it didn't take long to clean up with some expert little helpers.
Scrap paper

Cut outs 

Add strips to cut outs and glue well

Opposite side of first glueing..let it dry for a little while then cut off the excess

 You have to trim the excess first so you can still see the shape.
Do the same on the other side..then cut out the shape..then you end up with some lovely and colourful Christmas decorations

These are made from old book pages and folded..
 Whilst we were busy doing all these..my lovely husband was in the kitchen making bread..
2 fresh loaves ..the house smelt gorgeous whilst he was doing it.
So that was my day ,how about  yours?
take care


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