A little annoyed..update

Hi all i hope that your all ok..
Well at the weekend i listed lots of girls coats and Winter Boots..plus some trainers on Ebay..i have got lots of watchers which is fair enough and have sold a pair of Trainers that is good..but just one thing is really bugging me..a coat sold on Sunday..and is still not paid for..i have emailed this person and Ebay has sent her an unpaid item remainder..still no payment...this is really annoying. No communication at all..which i find a little rude to be honest..if she doesn't want it then tell me and i can relist it. Before she "bought" the coat i had a few enquiries and 7 watchers..just wasting my time really.I could have sold the coat properly by now.
I am annoyed ...
Do you sell on Ebay ladies..do you get any time wasters like this?
I try so hard to be patient and polite and answer all questions.
Ok rant over..

Ok so now the buyer wants the coat but can't pay till Monday..apparently her phone was broke..seems a bit strange that my messages didn't get through but the moment Ebay send a reminder and Bingo the phone works..not going to sell her it..i am thinking she will cause trouble.
Amazing though that after all this time she can get in touch..


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