10 years ago today..updated

Hi all..i hope that your all ok.
Well today is my beautiful Fern's 10th Birthday..such a lovely young lady.  We are truly blessed to have  her in our lives
She is funny,has a wicked sense of humour and can take being teased as well. She has blossomed over the last 3 years since we removed her from school..she has more confidence and is not the quiet,sad little girl anymore.She is kind and caring and loves nature and music and photography..

Happy birthday my lovely.
mum and dad

 This is Fern's little pile of presents and cards..can you see the one Iris made for her..its the best one ever.
 We put up balloons all over for her..
 This is her cake..its a swirly cake..its got pink swirls inside..covered in chocolate frosting.
I put the ballerina's on it and i forgot to get her the numbered candles so just used a simple white one..she loved it.
Fern has had a great day.
Her presents included some clothes from us and my mum..she also got an MP3 player that we filled with music for her we bought it ages ago and had to hide it..she also received some Lego from Annie,Enid Blyton Famous Five series from Fionna and Hedbands the game from Heather..my mum also got her some Jacqueline Wilson books and a lovely Cath Kidstonish purse.She was so happy with them all.
When she went to bed she told us she had brilliant day and is now excited for Christmas..haha..well before that gets here we have another birthday to celebrate and its a big one..Simon is 50..hard to believe but he is..so that one is on Sunday..so yet more cake and more presents.
Thank you all for the lovely Birthday wishes for Fern..she says "thank you".
take care


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FERN I am so sorry I forgot your card, will make up for it at Christmas.

    Sara she is beautiful, you and Simon must be so proud of her, as of course you are of all your children. Home tutoring is definitely suiting both girls and what lovely rounded adults they are going to be.

    Have a lovely day Fern

    Love Marie & Jess and special puuuuuuurrrrrrrrrs from Flora xxx

    1. HI Marie..thank you..and no worries..yes Fern and Iris are beautiful but i am biased..she has matured and is a delight to me and Simon..she is so funny..
      Fern says.."thank you and love to you and flora and jess xxx"

  2. Happy birthday Fern.
    I hope you have a wonderful day and lots of birthday cake.
    X x

    1. Hi Sarah..thank you she has had a great day and is worn out..we had a swirly cake with chocolate frosting..yummy.


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