Wow 100 post already..

Hi ladies..i hope that your all well.
I can't believe i have done 100 posts..i never thought i would get this far to be honest..i thought no one would read me let alone leave all the lovely comments.
Thank you all for the nice comments and all of you who follow me.
Well back to what we have been up to.
The girls desperately needed some wellies,slippers and boots for the Winter..with money being tight we are doing them one at a time..we asked the girls which they would like first..both said "wellies"..
So 2 new pairs of wellies were bought..i couldn't afford the flashy ones and bought plain black ones..still £7.99 each..not too bad and these seem to be quite thick soles and well made..the girls were over the moon with them.
I saw a lovely idea on the internet about decorating after tea we let loose with some dot stickers and we now have beautiful spotty wellies.

Iris and her wellies

Fern's wellies

It doesn't even matter if they fall off i have lots of spotty dots.

You will all be pleased to know that the hole in my floor has now been filled in and so has the crack..we are on schedule with we have removed some little wall units and emptied a majority of the kitchen..
All filled in and level

Crack is done
 When i did my online shop i bought a 5kilo bag of its big but it will last me months..much better value to buy it in bulk.

I opened it today and it should last me until well after Christmas.
so thats what i have been doing about you are you decorating or having a clean up?
take care


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