What a week..

Hello all i hope your ok?
Well its been very busy here..we have been schooling,baking and also starting some decorating.
I had my Education Inspection this week..i passed yay!!!..the lady who comes is lovely and so down to earth. She was very pleased with the progression of both girls work ,hand-writing , math and reading.
I am so proud of both girls..they have blossomed into confident little ladies..they were talking to the Inspector and showing her their work..i admit i felt a swell of pride when they said they loved being taught at home.
We have a book about Science experiments that you can do at home..it was good fun and i have decided to do one experiment a week..then they can do a small write up about it.
 This experiment was to show that magnets work underwater.

Fern writing up the experiment
 Iris is learning Odd and Even numbers
 This is a huge colouring print..it took 10 A4 pieces..we then cut it out and stuck it to the card..its a Halloween House..

They spent a good amount of time doing this and still haven't finished it..they will keep going back to it til it is finished.
These are brilliant for Play-doh or Plasticine...little pictures laminated..Iris loves her plasticine and will get these out and play for ages with them..
Put leaves on the tree

Add Carrots for the Rabbit

Little boy..not sure what happened to his eye

Little girl..apparently she is winking.
I didn't bake at all last week..we had a surplus of cakes that had to eaten..we ran out on Thursday..not too bad really.
I threw myself into it on Saturday..
Fruit cake..from freezer

Apple Cinnamon Cake..from the freezer

Little cakes

Choc-chip Cookies

Bakewell Tart


Peanut Butter bars..
So ladies that has been part of my week..i feel sometimes as if i just don't have enough hours in my day..do any of you ever feel like that?
Update..the Education Inspector isn't coming to see me for 18 months..how brilliant is that..


  1. Well done Sara, the Education Inspector must be so pleased with the girls' progress, and what lovely confident young girls they are becoming.

    Big hugs to the girls

    Marie xx

    1. Hi Marie..thank you..i feel so lucky..the Inspector wanted to leave it for 2 years but i asked for 18 months..and she also spoke to the girls on their own..she thought it was funny that Iris couldn't decide who made her work harder her dad or me..
      hugs to you as well
      love you

  2. Well done.

    I bet they have so much fun being taught at home, you can make so many day to day activities additional learning without them even realising it, so I guess they do longer hours than most school children.

    Do you take 'school holidays' at the same time as the local schools, to give both yourself and the girls a break?

    1. Hi Sue..exactly..like baking they don't realize its a lesson in weights and measures..or how long it takes to bake,working out what time it comes out the oven is a math lesson..we don't work in the afternoons unless its a project..we work all morning til lunch..afternoons are reading,art,craft,baking .
      We do have holidays..sometimes when the schools break up or we normally wait til they have all gone back to school then we have our holiday.Its half term next week ..we will work through it then have ours the week after..
      Or if the weather is good we go outdoors and learn about plants,trees..ect..
      I am lucky to be able to do this..and yes it is fun..i don't think i have had as much fun for ages..
      take care


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