Refreshing my lavender sachets..

Hi all..this morning i went to my wardrobe to get my cardigan and i wasn't greeted by the lovely fragrance of Lavender. I love Lavender and like to have little sachets in the drawers and hanging up.
I gathered them all together and got the girls to help me re-scent them.We found some little organza bags and filled them with dried Lavender.
My dining room smelt gorgeous.

 We also scented the little crystals..they are not over powering just enough to waft past your nose as you pass by..
 Back in the drawers and smelling nice again..this is Fern's..popped at the back.
 This is Iris' amongst her socks..
I can't wait to open my wardrobe in the morning and get that familiar scent again.
take care


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