Look at my floor..

After much to-ing and fro-ing we have finally decided to do the kitchen..we found tins of cupboard paint and tile paint..we already have a huge tin of white emulsion just need some gloss..having chosen the colours we want it was crunch time..what to do with the floor..being honest all we have done is put floor tiles down ..there were 3 layers plus the original flooring..we spent some money and bought some Glue remover..it was strong stuff but thankfully we didn't need it all..only a small amount was used and that stunk to high heaven..the dog was sniffing and rolling around the floor..had to put him outside and the girls went upstairs..we had the doors open and windows..it reeked for ages.
So now i have no floor..just concrete..which isn't that bad.. we found a crack in the floor which will be filled in..Simon is going to level it all so new tiles sit properly and don't crack and move about.

Crack in the floor

The concrete is where the original pantry was..it was taken out before we got the house otherwise i would have kept it

Doesn't look too bad..considering its the first time the floor has seen daylight for 30 odd years
Will keep you all updated on the kitchen redo


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  2. Hi Sara,

    You will show us when the kitchen is finished, won't you? I know you have been thinking about it for a while. I love my kitchen and I try to change the look sometimes. Obviously not the units, but what I have out on display.

    It is always a bit difficult decorating a kitchen because it is nearly always being used.

    Lots of love to everyone

    Marie xx

    1. Hi Marie..my kitchen is always in use thats why i have made the decision that the day we paint the cupboards and tiles we will have chips from the chip shop for tea..paint stinks to high heaven without popping on the oven and you get that weird smell..i love my kitchen its not too big and not too small..and i love moving my bits and pieces about too..of course i will show you all my kitchen ..
      love you sara

  3. It's a big job but will be worth it in the end.

    It's funny how fashions change isn't it, it was the right thing to do to rip out pantries years ago and now we are all wanting them back.

    1. Hi Sue..unfortunately the people who lived here before us took it out..shame really..but as a bonus i do have a big cupboard in my dining room that i have kinda converted to a pantry..
      It will be so worth it when it is done..and the best thing is its not going to cost us much..
      take care


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