Kitchen update..

Hi all..we got a little more done to the kitchen today..we painted the didn't take long to do..its the drying time..we had to pop the dog outside for a little while so he didn't stick to the wall.

I had to paint in front of my this i mean i painted all the grout and edges..he followed with the roller..the tiles have gone from an Apricot to can just about make it out..the light wasn't that good.
The kitchen looks so much brighter..they won't need another coat stinks to high heaven..had windows and doors open.

We girls had our hair cut today..the girls just had their fringes done and i had a full cut..£10 not bad and the hairdresser comes to us..she is lovely as well.

I also sold the 2 pine beds on ebay which is extra money for our little pot.
I have also listed some clothes and a dolls a lovely rug..fingers crossed they sell.
Take care all.


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