Home made Polish..

I love to make my own cleaners and air fresheners when ever i can..
Today i made this recipe..i don't have much real wood furniture apart from a little table.It has faded a little and needed some TLC..this is so simple to make and it will keep in a  jar for a while as well.
 All you need is half a cup of olive oil and a quarter cup of lemon juice.I also added a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil . Mix together and then dip your cloth in and spread over the wood..gently rub it in and then use a clean cloth to polish.
My table before..can you see the marks on it at the back

Now look after i used the mix on it..wonderful.
I will definitely be doing it again.
I have popped my jar in the fridge for now..its labelled so no-one eats it lol.
Take care all


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