Home Happenings..and don't forget to put the clocks back!!!!

Hello all..i hope that your well.
This week has been busy..we have emptied the kitchen and i scrubbed all the cupboards and tiles with sugar soap..it seemed like for ever but i got them done they are now all grease free and ready for painting next week.
My kitchen now looks huge with nothing in it..i took down my nets and washed them but i think we are having some blinds ..its got an echo now.
You can see exactly where my cooker hood was..

So big with nothing on the work tops

I had forgotten how big this wall is with no shelving units on it

The far wall has been emptied..no pictures up and the Alphabet stickers have been removed and placed elsewhere in the house..will show you tomorrow..in other words i forgot to take a picture

Iris helping me to wash up

Showing off her new Red jeans..they are new to her but actually hand me downs from Fern..
 I baked today so we have plenty for the week as we are going to be really busy..
Sticky blobs..

Little chocolate cakes

Coconut tart

Mincemeat flapjack

these 2 pieces just wouldn't fit in the cake tin..shame.

I also made tarts and Peanut Butter squares too..
Now as its the official end of Summer time we must all put our clocks back tonight..i have 11 clocks in my house so i start before i go to bed..but the bonus is we will get an extra hour in bed..not that you can tell.
Right ladies i am off to watch the rugby..and my gorgeous husband is doing tea..sausage and bacon sarnies yummy..
take care all


  1. Looks like you have been very busy, it will be so worth it when all the work is finished! The mincemeat flapjacks sound good, can you share the recipe?

  2. Hi Janice..yes we have been a bit busy..and your so right it will be so worth it..i have put up the recipe for you..enjoy


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