Found some stickers !!!!

Hi all..i hope your ok and having a good day/evening where-ever you are.

Well  today i had had enough of my back was cluttered and looking a bit grim. I cleaned it all out,got rid of the stuff that was literally hanging around going mouldy eeewww!!!.
I sugar soaped the doors, cleaned the walls,threw out old shoes,sandals and plimsoles..i scrubbed the floor runner and washed down all the skirting.
It took me 2 hours..then i found some stickers..i had originally bought these for the girls room but then i had wallpaper instead so they got put away and forgot about..until i unearthed them..i had a brilliant flash and knew exactly where they were going. What do you think too much or ok?

It has brightened it up and now it looks huge..i have cleaned the lampshades but would ideally like to change them for some brightly coloured ones..will have to see what i can find in the attic..
So this is what happens when i find stickers..and i have 2 packets left.
take care


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