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I have been seeing the Starlings all flock together for a little while now..they fascinate me and it looks stunning especially in the early evening and the sun is going down behind them.
I looked on Youtube and found some beautiful films..the flocks are massive and they seem to flow all moving together and in harmony.
I wondered what they were called as other animals that flock together have names..
Gaggle of Geese
Pride of Lions.
Herd of Cows.
Litter of Puppies and so on..
So what are Starling Flocks called..Murmuration..yep thats it..Murmuration.
Fascinating word isn't it..
Well thats my word of the day today..
What words have you ever had to look up or are not sure of the meaning?
take care


  1. A group of crows is called a murder. I regularly see a murder on my way home from the school run and it makes me giggle.

    1. Hi Sarah..that is funny..i wonder why its called a murder..strange these old sayings but worth investigating.


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