Things in the sky and more Caterpillars...

Hi all..
Wasn't the weather gorgeous today..lovely and crisp with blue skies and hardly a cloud to be seen..i got all my laundry dry again..i am liking this weather.
Where we live we are quite lucky really. There are quite a few RAF bases near us and lots of planes take off and land..this year we have been lucky enough to see Spitfires,Lancasters and Hurricanes and a helicopters,Chinooks all sorts. We love to try and spot them..they are too fast for me to get my camera but today we saw this..

Its the Virgin Hot air takes of from Belton Woods Hotel..we often see it either very early morning or as today late afternoon..i would love to go in one..but the landing is not so smooth so maybe not.
Apparently the Full Moon was going to be orangey red tonight..we waited for it and got nothing..maybe tomorrow night will be better..but i did get some pics..

Not the greatest but i am getting better.

This little chap is heading for trouble..big time trouble

I have just read an article on the news that these and i swear its identical to the one pictured..are responsible for the destruction of Box Privet Hedges..well he ain't getting at mine.
Have you ladies seen any of them?


  1. Super moon is 3am, early Monday morning - don't think I shall stay up!


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