School this week

Hello all..what a lovely morning.
Well this week we have been back to school in earnest.
We have not yet chosen a topic but will soon.
In the meantime its back to Math,English and Handwriting.
I am teaching Iris the Time..she can do the Hours and Half it will be the Quarters.
Fern is learning how to calculate Time Differences..she got it.
I downloaded and printed a Game for us..The Eco Challenge..we had fun playing it and it will serve us well in the Food Chain work i have planned.

 This is Fern showing Iris how to blend beginning words..
 Iris doing her Time work
 Fern had to Alphabetize words and the do a Decoder puzzle to find the Quote
 My homemade teaching clock

The Clock Stamp is brilliant well worth the £1.99 i paid for it
 All done..
 This is my little folder for Autumn work..i have Rhymes and Poems..
We have collected quite a few Acorns and Cones for us to use for our decorations.
Fern had a spelling test and got them all correct,Iris had a test and got hers right too.
They have been doing Times Tables and Iris have moved up to Double Digit Addition..this week Fern started on Divisions. She is doing well and didn't get flustered once.
So thats my school week.
take care


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