Macmillan Coffee Morning..

Hi again..
Today was the day for the Macmillan Coffee lovely daughter Fionna hosted one.
It was lovely.. the girl had baked up a storm over the last few days..all she wanted to raise was £ help pay for a nurse to sit and talk to someone for an hour. She did talk to us and it made her feel better..obviously not 100% but relieved a little,we are not experts in this area but we tried to help her.She wished she had talked to a Macmillan Nurse but she didn't.
She is hoping to get her 1st year all clear on Monday so fingers crossed folks

 It was a lovely few hours..having a laugh and eating her cakes..her husband Matt was on Tea/Coffee duty..
We had a sticker each..Simon had Soggy Bottom..mine was I'll eat the last biscuit..that is actually true..i love biscuits and cakes.
She worked hard to make it nice and welcoming for us..Thank you Fi..
Bless her she raised £81.15..didn't she do well..
Updated to £86.15..
love you fifi..


  1. Well done for a good cause, goodies all look fab :)

  2. Well done Fionna, my favourite charity.

    My Macmillan nurse, Julie was lovely. I called her after I had finished radiotherapy because I was badly burned, and she said come to the hospital straight away. She was wonderful and had arranged for a doctor to be present (who actually wanted to admit me) and the dressings nurse. My daughter Lorna who is a nurse, came with me, and between us all it was arranged that I would go to the hospital 5 days a week for my burns to be dressed and Lorna would do it at the weekend.

    I was so grateful, this was my lowest point throughout the diagnosis and treatment, I just thought I would never heal. I did, of course, but I shall be forever grateful to Julie.

    Love and hugs to you all

    Marie x

    1. O Marie my lovely lady..i have tears reading heart and love are with you..

    2. Thank you Sara, believe me people have gone through far worse, wishing Fionna all the luck in the world for her yearly check up. I can't believe it is a year, doesn't time fly?

      I love the cards the girls have made, they are so clever, such imagination, please give them a hug from me

      Much love

      Marie x

    3. Hi Marie yes i will certainly give them hugs from has gone so quickly..time flies for sure. The cards are gorgeous aren't they..
      love you much

  3. Thank you for the lovely post mum!
    Couldn't have got through the last year without you all! Love you xx

    1. My beautiful little Rosebud..your welcome

  4. Well done fi, and what a lovely post mum xxx


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