Johnny Appleseed Day..

Hi all..well today is Johnny Appleseed day..a true legend. A man who felt a calling and didn't shy away from it..hardship and courage..fine example for all to look up to.
I found out all i could about the man..and his story..very interesting.Pinterest is a great resource for lesson plans on this.His real name was John one knows when he was born..but one day he left his Orchard and travelled across America with a tame wolf for company..helping Settlers and Indians when ever he could..he planted Orchards were ever he hopefully today some of his trees are still standing and feeding folks.
I bought this little comic book for a few pounds last year..we absolutely love the story.

We have also read Apple Pigs by Ruth Orbach..its got to be one of our favourite books ..
Fern reads it to Iris every chance she gets..
 We made some of our  own apple pigs..out of card..

 Iris drew her own Apple Pig..
Happy Johnny Appleseed Day..


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