Jewels in the garden..

Hello all..
Earlier on this year i saw lots of Bee's going in and out of our Box Privet Hedge..i kept thinking what are they doing there is nothing in there but on closer inspection i saw the most beautiful delicate and very tiny learn something new every day is the saying well i certainly did.
Can you see them

If you look hard you can see a bee visiting
I was astonished to be honest to see these flowers..never ever seen them.
Yesterday i spotted these gorgeous little seed pods in the bush..aren't they the most beautiful colour..little jewels in the hedge..we took them off and popped them in a pot so hopefully i will have little hedges growing.

They are the most amazing purple and when you hold them to the light they are see through..
Iris said they look like Jewels..and i think she is right don't you?
take care


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