Home Happenings..

Hello all..i hope that your all ok.
Its been busy here again.
I had to go for a Mammogram at the hospital..i read my appointment time wrong and was about 10 minutes late..i had to wait a whole hour..i don't mind but it was a genuine mistake,i apologized but the Nurse was so rude to me..thankfully i didn't have her doing it.
I should get the results in 10 days so fingers crossed i am ok.
Back to home stuff..i nipped to the Co-op the other day to get bread..we had actually run out and neither of us had time to make some..whilst there i had a look in the reduced section and found some Corn on the Cobs reduced..i love Sweetcorn and i am the only one in the family that does..so when i see it cheap i buy it and freeze it.
I also went to Lidl's to do my weekly shop..i love that place..and they had Corn on the Cob 3 for £1..so i had some of those too..

All blanched and ready to freeze..yummy.

I baked again..i made some Rocky Road chocolate cake

 Look at the lovely colours of the mini marshmallows..
 A fruit cake for my gorgeous husband
Ham and Egg cups..these are delicious..i found the recipe on Pinterest..its very easy to do and they don't last long once cooked and i mean i can't stop eating them.
 I found a lone packet of Flaky pastry in the bottom of my freezer..i made some Raspberry puffs and Mincemeat Palmiers..lovely..also some more tarts these are a family must every week..
The bundle of clothes i bought for Fern arrived and are just beautiful..and they smell so fresh..normally when clothes arrive they smell of the packaging or car fumes but these didn't..fern was so pleased with them and i am happy about that.
Today i got a real bargain for Iris..i won her a lovely Mothercare waterproof lined jacket..i paid £1.85 with £3 p&p so £4.85 for a barely worn jacket..she loves it and can't wait for it to get here..i need to get Fern a waterproof jacket too..i have seen a few so i will be keeping an eye on them.
All we need for our Winter prep now is some new boots for them and we are done.
My son Sam has been back to the allotment and brought home some more Green beans,beetroots,lettuce and carrots..all are now nestled in my freezer.
He went back this morning and brought home 2 more rows of potatoes..these are drying and have been sorted out..they will be bagged up with the others..all stored ready for Winter.
So ladies what have you been doing and are you getting anything ready for Winter?
Take care


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