Falling Silent..

The wildlife in our garden amazes us at times..we are at times inundated with it and i often wonder if people notice it or just carry on and take no notice.
I love to just sit and watch..the birds singing and rushing here and there..from one tree to another. Listen to the frogs croaking away..the buzz of the Bee and the mad dash of the Hover Fly if a Wasp even dares to go near his little air space..the fluttering dance of a Butterfly and the dizzying flight of the Dragonflies..Its beautiful .
But now it will start to fall silent..no Bee's buzzing or Butterflies fluttering..the birds will still sing and be frantic ..Autumn is upon us and everything is slowly winding down..pretty soon we will have leaves all all over the garden.I will rake them into a pile and then spend ages jumping in it with the girls..throwing them around..good fun.I will miss all the sounds and flurry of activity in the garden over Winter but my little Robin is making himself heard and seen now..so i have him to look forward to.

The weather is actually predicting a few more weeks of warm weather..well we will see if it happens..i hope it does but won't get my hopes up.We may have the garden full of sound  a little longer.
The girls have been on Frog watch..they absolutely love them and try to name them all..this one is Fred..can you see him poking his little head out from the leaves..i didn't spot him they did..got good eyes them two.
 Can you see him..
For some weird reason they are also fascinated with Caterpillars, the way they look and more importantly the way they move..they spend ages watching them .
I was literally dragged outside to photograph this little chap making his way across the gravel.

Isn't he just the fluffiest thing..there seemed to quite a few of them all the same making their way somewhere safe ..he was the first..followed by more later on in the day.. absolutely fascinating.
Do you like the Wildlife in your garden and will you miss it in the Winter?


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