Crafty sewing..and colour chart leaves..

Hello all..i hope your ok today..
Well i think that Autumn is well and truly upon us..we have been doing collages in the afternoons ..i found this lovely little paper cutter in £land..and i went to B&Q for some little paint charts..these come in handy for lots of little craft projects..i made little Autumn coloured leaves for our collages.

 Its fun to do these..we just get old magazines and cut them i find that the girls and i just chat..chit-chat mainly but it is lovely to hear them and there opinions..

Now sewing is a simple thing for us grown ups to do..but can you remember how you started?
I started at my Grandma Winnies house..and i got pin pricks..needles sticking in me..and they darn well hurt.
I bought some plastic sewing needles for the girls so i don't have to deal with pricked fingers ..and i found these lovely cards on Pinterest ..i made tiny holes in them and the girls sat and sewed aren't these lovely and no blood anywhere.

Iris being busy

A Watermelon..lovely

We have plans for these cards..we are going to mount them on contrasting coloured card..make little holes in the top and put ribbon through them so they can be hung up and then give them as gifts to the girls nieces and nephew.
I love these sewing cards for them..they make it interesting and they can see the results of their work straight away..
take care


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