Back to the Dentist...

Hello all..i hope your ok and enjoying some of this sunshine.
Well yesterday was extraction day..i wasn't nervous but a little apprehensive.
My dad took me and my mum came too..moral support bless her.
As soon as i got there i got called in..didn't have time to sit and think.
My dentist was waiting..
He gave me plenty of locals to numb me totally,he waited until i was totally numbed up and then started to remove it.
I have to admit i was ok..he was so patient and even though he was pushing me off the end of the chair he was gentle.
I heard it break and then the Ping as it hit the pan the nurse was holding.
All done in 15 minutes..i didn't bleed much.
I was more worried about getting Dry Socket like last is even worse than toothache.The treatment is ok for that but tastes vile..its Seaweed soaked in clove oil..packed into the socket..i had to have it done 3 times to sort it.
My face was numb til gone 7 last night then it came back..i took some painkillers and went to bed.
My face this morning is slightly swollen but it is ok.
The gum is sore but believe me i can live with that.
Hopefully thats the last thing now..


  1. I feel quite peculiar after reading your blog - hate the dentists

    1. Hi Sue o i am sorry, hope your ok now..i did feel quite lightheaded when i left the dentist yesterday..
      take care


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